‘Love Is Like This’ Grants New Perspectives on Love

Within the first three pages of “Love Is Like This” by Nathan Deeter, you know you’re holding a work of paramount importance in your hand. This will show you the ways of love in the past, future, and present. It contains the love of sons and fathers, family, husband and wife, and it does so in the way that those kinds of love present themselves. It isn’t the “happily ever after,” but it also isn’t the doom and gloom. It presents the light and the dark of love, and if you let it, it will speak to your soul.

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Get a Stuffed Penguin Friend for Your Next Encounter

Do you long for companionship? Do you want to look into another’s face and see your feelings reflected there? Do you need another to be there for candlelight dinners with a selfie and for Instagram posts? Do you like warm hugs? Do you love penguins?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, consider adopting one or more of our handmade, stuffed penguins. Every penguin is made with love – and you can see it in their eyes and face. When you have a stuffed penguin friend, you always have someone who will go with you wherever you want to go. As long as you have space in your purse or a pocket, you and your adopted penguin are good to go.

Adopt a penguin friend now and experience the joy and comfort of stuffed animals as they transport you back to your childhood.

No Solution is Acceptable for Mass Shootings; What Do We Do?

I don’t even know where to approach this from. There just isn’t any logical place to start with. What do you do when someone shoots up a garlic festival or a Wal-Mart? That’s where my thoughts end because there doesn’t seem to be anyway to stop it that is acceptable to half the population.

Take Guns Away

We don’t want to take away guns because they are a God given right. It says so in the Bible and is confirmed in the 2nd Amendment, which is more revered than the 1st Amendment, and which ignores the whole “well-regulated militia” part of the text. Besides, taking guns away won’t keep them out of criminal hands.

In school when a kid did something bad and the teacher couldn’t tell who it was, she punished the whole class. Everyone lost their recess privileges. Still, recess isn’t a part of the Constitution, so we’re back to where we started.

Get Better Mental Health

So, if “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” then we should get people serious mental help. Psychologists and psychiatrists should be a free resource that anyone should be able to avail themselves of. There should be no barrier, money- or perspective-wise, to getting mental health. But we can’t do that because it isn’t society’s responsibility to care for its own citizens. Besides, paying for mental health care sounds even worse than paying for everyone’s physical healthcare. At least, physical problems we can see and make sure people aren’t faking. What would we do with socialist mental health care?

Clean Up Hate Speech

We could try to stop hate speech at the highest levels. By blaming the “other” and making them “rapists and murderers” intent on taking our jobs and causing the economic collapse of the American capitalist system, certain persons have created a boogeyman that is both nebulous and specific. It’s the Hispanics, the Latinos, the Muslims, those with brown-skin are at fault, and white males are ready to take out their guns to shoot whoever happens to be in the way. Bonus, if you’re a white shooter, you’re less likely to be killed than a member of another race, unless you take your own life. These factors are repeated ad infinitum until some crazy people (who can’t or won’t get mental health help) go ballistic. Unless we can see every race, religion, gender-identity, pick a trait, as human, we will continue to churn out people who are willing to kill the “pests” in our society as they are named by our leaders.

If we take away a person’s right to call other people names, then we are taking away their freedom. They have a right to assert that brown people are at the core of all our problems, and we’re just being intolerant of a point of view that is protected under the Constitution. The Constitution gives us rights. With those rights come great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. You can say racist, hurtful, ignorant things, but you shouldn’t – even if you think them, even if you believe they’re true. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” doesn’t exclude any person on this planet. Basing your actions on a person’s appearance is ignorant and idiotic. Ted Bundy was reportedly attractive.

It’s our duty to be intolerant of points of view that are advocate diminishing the personhood of any human being. It’s our duty to stand up to those who would abuse their rights and use them for evil. It’s our duty to make sure that people understand the difference between facts and stupid opinion and feigned outrage positioned as pseudo-supported editorializing. If someone is shouting “the truth” at you and you’re getting angry because it sounds like you’re being taken advantage of, it’s not the truth. Not all anger is righteous, and much of righteous anger isn’t accompanied by shouting into a television camera.

No Single Solution

Even if any of these were enacted, none of these alone will do the necessary work. Worse, these are the first things that people rally against, even before the barrel of the gun is cold. They don’t offer solutions first, they just say what we cannot do, as if the Constitution has never been altered – as if the Bill of Rights itself wasn’t an alteration. But they do not offer solutions.

Thoughts and Prayers

Instead, they offer their useless thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers about what? How do they help the dead 6-year-old and 13-year-old? How have they helped over the past 6 years or longer. Thoughts and prayers don’t do shit. But they are the last refuge of the person too enthralled in the NRA, too enthralled with his or her own wealth, or too stupid to see what’s going on. Thoughts and prayers without action are dead – just like the victims of the gun violence that brought them on and the souls of those who are decidedly against protecting the lives of those who they have sworn to protect.

Everyone Should Have a Gun

Some advocate for giving everyone a gun. Society was much more polite when people could meet out on the street at high noon and shoot each other because of a perceived slight or because they wanted to see who was the fastest draw. They fail to recognize that in the shooting of a suspect in New York, eight bystanders were injured – all of them by the police officers who are supposed to be trained with the weapons they use. The criminal didn’t shoot anyone.

Everyone Should Be Educated

Alternatively, they say there should be gun training in schools. This would be great. It might only be a partial solution, but if every child knew what a gun was, how it worked, and what it could do to other people, animals, targets, an argument could be made that there would be fewer accidental deaths in the homes that have guns. It might even work later in life for these young, white men who perpetrate these horrible crimes. But we can’t even get schools enough funding to take care of the core elements, like math, science and English. How are we going to afford gun education for every child in the U.S.? More importantly, when will it fit into the day?

Still No Solution

Education is not a panacea. It doesn’t cure everything. There are plenty of educated people who have subverted their education and decided to support the cigarette industry by denying the danger of smoking. There are plenty of educated people who have embraced tenets that are reprehensible in light of their education. Educated people can be racist, elitist, and dumb. They can choose to see poverty as a choice rather than as the systemic problem it is. Maybe, it can be a part of the solution, but by itself, unless it changes behavior, education isn’t the be-all, cure-all.

Back to the Beginning

So, what’s the solution? Until the two sides of the issue are willing to come together and discuss the issue without taking possible solutions off the table, we’ll always be where we are now. People getting shot and killed every day; some of those shootings will be mass shootings that will allow politicians to send their thoughts and prayers and 14 minutes later they can tweet well wishes to their favorite fighter. So, sit back on your couch, turn up the noise on the TV and shut your heart to the hurt of your fellow Americans. Once we’re all dead, God will sort us out. And He’ll probably wonder what we found so hard about loving our neighbor, and what was so hard about knowing He is Love and we were created in His own image.

What Is a Stuffed Animal?

A stuffed animal isn’t just a toy that sits on the shelf alone. It’s a series of stories that unfold over time. It is surrounded by friends, and central to the friend group is the person who has adopted the stuffed animal and its friends.

Stuffed animals can spark the imagination. They allow the person to create stories around the group interaction. These stories help the person deal with situations that may be painful or confusing. These stories may also help the person find a place in the world.

Each animal in the group will have its own personality: the confidante, the antagonist, the shy one… The imagination soars with each new story that the stuffed animal inspires and becomes a part of.

Our handmade stuffed penguins are built to last and made to be cuddly, warm and friendly. Our sincerest hope is that, as the person grows, our penguins will be there to listen, to provide playful encouragement and to be a friend for a lifetime of memories.

Children know the power and pleasure of stuffed animals. If you’ve forgotten, let our penguins help guide you back to childhood and all the wonder it can bring. If you haven’t forgotten or you have a child in your life who needs a soft friend, our penguins make the perfect gift. Find the penguin that is right for you or a friend and embrace your inner child.

Call to Action: Create

Create Something Beautiful

We are confronted with ugly every day, and I don’t want to give it more space here. Bringing beauty into the world is hard. It’s much easier to give in to our baser natures and create from that. Turn away from your normal reaction and do something different. Do something beautiful; create something beautiful.

Create Something Peaceful

Even if your insides are in turmoil and your brain is spinning, take a deep breath and exhale deeply. Grab hold of the emotions and find the peace within. Bring that peace to your creation process. You may consider doing something to release your frustration, and that’s okay. Then dig deeper and create something that will bring others peace.

Create Something Fun

Haven’t we’ve been entertained to death? Consider the number of shows that thrive on the horrors of mankind. We need to counteract that. It’s time to create something fun. Bring to life something that will bring a smile to people’s faces. Don’t go for easy. Creation shouldn’t be easy. Instead, go for the funny that is difficult and transcendent. Create something that your neighbors’ children, your significant other’s grandparents, and you find funny. Maybe it’s a cat video. Whatever it is, choose something that’s funny without giving in to the easy jokes.

Create Something with Love

Show your love through your creative work. Baked goods are nice, too.

Create Something Inspirational

Beautiful landscapes and inspirational quotes are nice, but it’s time for you to become the inspiration. Do something truly inspirational. Create something that inspires you. Put your heart and soul into something that will lift humanity to greater heights. It’s time to shine your light. Bring it on. #penguinate