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‘Dead to Me’: No One Drops the F-Bomb like Christina Applegate

Most of the time when people curse, it’s not pleasant or natural. It’s like they’re trying too hard to make a point: I’m cool, I’m down to earth, I’m angry, I don’t give a rip what others think… (probably should have put a swear word in there.) The words spew forth like so much phonic vomit with no care for art or lyricism. Christina Applegate’s Jen in “Dead to Me” is the exception.

Jen swears a lot throughout the series. However, there is one scene where she shows how deftly Applegate, and theoretically, the writer on this show, can create poetry through vulgarity. Her delivery is only over the top because of the number of curse words she crams into two or three short lines. It’s a feat that would scare some actors and have others lose their, uh, this is a family blog, sort of.

Her use of the F-word is particularly beautiful. She wields the word like a tool to deliver a nasty cut or create laughter. Applegate delivers every line with clarity and emotion that matches the scene. Check out “Dead to Me” and learn how to swear from a master.


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