The Joy of a Carefree Saturday Morning

It wasn’t too long ago when I would get up early on a Saturday, sneak down the stairs with my favorite stuffed animal, Chrissi the Lion, and turn on the TV. I’d keep the volume on low so as not to wake my mom, who worked the night before. It didn’t matter what was on the TV because I would run back upstairs and grab a couple more stuffed animals to sit with. Then I would go to the kitchen and get some cereal. Most of the time, it would be something sugary like Mr. T Cereal, Cap’n Crunchberries, or Lucky Charms. One time it was Corn Bran; my grandpa had brought a case of the cereal with him during a visit, and they were surprisingly good in spite of the name and the fact that there was no surprise inside.

When I was finally set up and ready to eat, I’d switch the channel until I found a favorite show. “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears” were bouncing here and there and everywhere with their gummi berry juice. You can’t stop “The Littles” because the Littles don’t stop. “Hong Kong Phooey” was quicker than the human eye.

If my sister was up, we’d watch “Monchichi” because they were oh so soft and cuddly. “The Smurfs” facing off against Gargamel and Azrael were a favorite. “Punky Brewster” reminded us of my sister and served as a role model of sorts.

Of course, the commercials, with Time for Timer and his snack tips, Schoolhouse Rocks with their musical educational lessons from “Conjunction Junction” to “I’m Just a Bill,” and Tony the Tiger extolling the questionable virtue of a cereal that ended soggy in the bowl, were great!  I’d finish out the day’s TV watching activity with “Dungeons and Dragons” and “The Land of the Lost.” My cat Clyde sat on my lap purring.

We’d adjourn to the upstairs where I could make a little more noise. I’d grab my Legos to build spaceships or a model of some building (I never had enough Legos to complete the building), or I’d set up my Lincoln Logs with my action figures and army men and use my Burning Key Cars, cars with the key for speed, to knock down the fortifications.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Saturday morning cartoons, now is the perfect time for you to capture the feeling and essence of your inner child. For far too long, you’ve been hiding the best part of you behind a cloak of responsibility and adulthood. Now it’s time to unleash your creative self. Once you’ve rediscovered what it feels like to be young again, you can harness your curiosity and creativity.

So, get out your stuffed animals, set them up on the couch facing the TV, grab a bowl of cereal, and watch a couple of episodes of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Need to add some friends to your stuffed animals, check out our handmade penguins!


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