Journey to Better Marketing: Newsletters (and Email lists)

The edition of “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days (affiliate link)” I have is older and doesn’t feature a strong emphasis on online news more than a couple of chapters. This chapter on newsletters could be easily adapted for email lists.

Newsletters are meant to share the news, and they can contain news from your company and your industry. An effective newsletter will keep your customers interested in your company and what you’re doing. It can contain points of interests, entertainment, tips, surveys, new product announcements, trends, and more. The topics you cover should be ones that your target market will enjoy and want to learn about.

Your newsletter should be consistent, easy to read and loaded with information while being graphically pleasing. You might be tempted to load all of the information possible into a newsletter, but white space is an important part of design. Since the newsletter is already a soft sell, you don’t want any ads in it.

You can use your newsletter to inform, educate, and answer FAQs. Four pages should be enough; you can make it one page. The name of the newsletter is your first point of entry, so make sure you have a good one that will spark curiosity. Make sure you have your photo in the newsletter to help make that human connection.

Adapted from “Guerrilla marketing in 30 Days (affiliate list).”