Journey to Better Marketing: The Hook

“Join our email list today for a free penguin calendar.” (Not a real offer, yet.) A hook grabs attention, creates interest, stokes desire and drives to action. The calendar in this case is the bait on the hook. Other things that can be bait: information, books, a list of some sort, a compendium of facts.

Hooks attract attention, should be surprising, can be emotion or exclamatory, ad should promise a benefit or solution. In face-to-face interactions, your hook is how you act – being upbeat, enthusiastic, energetic, sincere, and caring. Looking your potential customer in the eye, being positive, using humor, asking questions and offering something free like an idea or a referral are all a part of the hook. You should state what problems you can solve and only give your info at the end.

Hooks include jingles, taglines, and memorable ad content. Internet hooks can be coupons, contests, downloads, consultations or e-zine subscriptions. A hook should delight. You have to be different to be heard. Do not confuse hype with a book.

Adapted from “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days (affiliate link).”