New Zealand: Dunedin’s Hungry Hobos Goes Easy on the Wallet without Sacrificing Flavor or Fun

When we arrived in Dunedin, we were hungry. Usually, we have to look at a few restaurants for food options and cost before we can agree on a place.  We didn’t have to even discuss where we were going to eat in Dunedin. On just the sign alone, we were both in agreement: Hungry Hobos was the place we should go. And their toasties were just the right salve for our hunger.

The day was a gray and coldish, and Hungry Hobos didn’t have any hot drinks, but the guy at the register directed us to Sabayon for coffee. We were able to go there for a take away cup and come back to get our sandwiches, which were much more than a sandwich.

For starters, the bread is covered in cheese and grilled until the cheese is brown and crunchy. We chose the pulled carrots and peanut butter BBQ for inside the toastie. It was a pocket full of stomach satisfying goodness that chased the clouds away and encouraged us further into our day and exploration of Dunedin. As the toastie hit my stomach, I didn’t feel like a hungry hobo any more. This was comfort food that I didn’t even know would be comforting. There are plenty of interesting choices on the menu, and the soups change daily with vegetarian and meat options!