Things We Missed in New Zealand

There’s no way to learn everything about a place you’re traveling to. You just have to do your best to research it and hope you find people who write about the things you most want to see or experience. Here are some things that we missed in New Zealand, but it’s okay because I wouldn’t change how or what we did on our trip.

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New Zealand: Otago Chocolate Company Takes Chocolate to Art

The Otago Chocolate Company makes some of the smoothest chocolate bars available in New Zealand. The chocolate is silky, satisfying, and full of flavor. When combined with other flavors of New Zealand, you have a winning chocolate experience that few other companies can match.

The metallic stickers on the cardboard outer wrappings have an upscale look to them and clearly state what’s in the bar and where the chocolate beans come from. Some of the wrappers feature images from Te Papa, New Zealand’s National Museum. The horopito and kawakawa berries chocolate bar makes use of the natural spice in New Zealand’s flora. The beans are single sourced from Papa New Guinea. The farmers receive a fair price for their work.

Those familiar with manuka honey will enjoy the Beekeeper. The beans are from Papa New Guinea, but this 70% dark chocolate comes with honey, bee pollen, and puffed amaranth. That’ll kick up the health factor of this treat a notch. It’s good for “growers, makes and eaters alike.”

The Otago Chocolate Company (OCHO) makes their chocolate in Dunedin, and you can find it in local stores and at the Royal Albatross Centre. You can even get it at the airport, so be sure to look in the gift shops while waiting for your flight out. This is one treat you’ll want to enjoy no matter where you’re from.

New Zealand: The Penguin Place Photos

The Penguin Place was paired with Monarch Cruises. Here penguins are rehabilitated, and a sanctuary has been set aside for the rarest of penguins – the yellow-eyed penguins to roost. If you head over to our Etsy shop and adopt a flat friend, we will donate $1 to the Penguin Place.

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