‘Onward’ Returns Pixar Original Storytelling Magic to Cinema

Spoiler Alert: There may or may not be spoilers for the movie “Onward” in this review. Read at your own risk, or bookmark this page and go see the film. Come back to read the review after.

Disney/Pixar has finally released something other than a sequel! “Onward” shows that Pixar still has the magic to tug at heart strings while creating original stories. Depending on your own psychological standing, “Onward” provides a tear-jerking tribute to the lost father and the single mom who raises her two sons.

The story itself features a couple of surprising, non-Disney cameos, which are great for fans of Dungeons and Dragons. The film itself revels in the science vs. magic question. Science has firmly won at the beginning of the film, but toward the end, magic, and more importantly the empowerment that comes from using your own abilities, begins to win out.

“Onward’s” two brothers leave a trail of chaos behind them as they inadvertently reveal the true character of the less-than-mundane citizens they run into. Fairies remember they can fly, manticores remember they’re fierce, and a centaur remembers he can run. While these characteristics are brought to the forefront of the creatures’ personalities and actions, each character is able to blend their new identities with their old work, which could lend itself to an interesting discussion if it weren’t for the fear of spoilers.

The love story in “Onward” is that of two brothers. There are plenty of funny moments to keep pace with the beautiful ones. It’s nice to see Pixar bringing magic back to the world in film and IRL.