The First Step to Selling (Anything): Attitude

Many people think of marketing, advertising and selling as part of some icky thing they have to do to survive. It’s this belief that leads to an attitude that holds them back, and the right attitude is the first step to selling (anything).

Your Belief System

You have an (anything) that you believe makes people’s lives better. If they don’t get what you’re offering, they won’t live as well. If you believe this, your attitude toward selling will change. If you don’t get people to buy your (anything), you’re doing them a disservice. If your (anything) doesn’t make people’s lives better, you need to switch what you’re offering to something that will help other people.

You Energy

If you’re not excited about what you have to offer, no one else will be. Get on the hype train, especially if you’re an introvert, and get the word out about your (anything). That doesn’t mean make claims that are unreasonable and/or false. It means give your (anything) the love you believe it deserves. This is especially important if you’re using video and the Internet to sell. Just like the camera adds 10 pounds, video platforms drain 10 percent of your energy. You need to step it up, so you don’t come across as flat.

No! No! No!

Rejection is a fact of life. No matter what you do, you’re going to face rejection. You might as well face it a thousand times quickly so that you can make ten sales. The more often you have to deal with rejection, the less likely you are to take it personally. There is no secret to getting over rejection; instead, you just have to get through it and try to thicken your skin.

The Perfection Pause

Too many people obsess about getting their (anything) perfect. Learn something from Microsoft and release your (anything) before it’s perfect. That doesn’t mean that you want it to be bad or not work; it means getting your (anything) out into the world before someone else steals your idea. Once it’s out, you can work with your customers to make it better.

Embrace the Right Attitude

When you embrace the right attitude, the force of your personality and goodwill will draw people to you. It’s not the only thing you need, or even the only way to sell, but it makes it easier if you’re able to take on the belief that your (anything) is necessary and helpful, you can be excited about it, you can face rejection, and you can live with something that isn’t perfect.