C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster on Cookie Saturday

As a home tradition inspired by Checkers Penguin, we make cookies every Saturday! To be fair, Jenya makes cookies; I just eat them. Jenya uses a basic cookie recipe and breaks up candy bars to get chocolate chunks. They are always different because she uses different chocolate bars every week. One of the best songs to sing for Cookie Saturday is Sesame Street’s C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster!

The Moon is a Cookie

Even though Cookie Monster sings that the moon sometimes looks like a ‘C’ but you can’t eat it. There is an episode where Cookie Monster believes that the moon is a cookie. He tries to jump and use a ladder, but Gordon tells him it’s too far away. Then, Gordon breaks the real bad news to Cookie Monster: The moon is not a cookie. Gordon explains that people have studied the moon through a telescope and some have landed on it.

Rather than take Gordon’s word for it, Cookie Monster decides to consult with the only person he knows who has been to the moon: Slimy the Worm. Unfortunately, Slimy can neither confirm nor deny that the moon is a cookie; he didn’t taste it. He does call in WASA to help Cookie Monster out, but Cookie Monster is too large to fit in the rocket. It blasts off without him. When Buzz Aldrin shows up with a piece of the moon, Cookie Monster learns the moon is not a cookie.

Other Singers and History

Cookie Monster isn’t the only singer to perform C is for Cookie. Opera singer Marilyn Horne sang it in Ancient Egyptian cookie garb, and Pentatonix did an a cappella version that was only one verse long. Joe Raposo wrote the song in 1971, and Jim Henson directed the sketch.

‘C’ Is for Cookie

Sure, Cookie Monster starts off with trying to find other words that start with C, but when he can’t, well, cookie is good enough for him. Wouldn’t it be great if cookies were good enough for all of us? Maybe if we sing C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster, it’ll be just enough for the moment. And if you want to get a little more out of the experience, bake some cookies and share them virtually with your friends and family.

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