Creativity, Book, and Penguin Emporium Coming Soon

We are about a month away from starting our search for a physical location for our Creativity, Book and Penguin Emporium. (C.A.P.E.S. was already taken in Oregon, so I had to scrap my first choice in names. I’m open to suggestions.) While I would like to think that finding a location is the first step on the list, it’s really just a part of the jumble that we have to do all at once. We need to gather and/or create inventory, like penguins, and get the fixtures ready, like shelves and flat screens. We are still accepting indie author applications, and we will need to reach out to the authors we like. However, since it’s easier, I’m going to write this in a linear fashion.

Where Will We Be?

I keep looking for a nice place that will allows us to live and work in the same building. Newport, Lincoln City, Coos Bay and Astoria are all on the list of possibilities, but coast property and affordability don’t necessarily go together. Looking on the Internet, I’ve seen a couple of places with potential, but anything can happen in a month or six weeks, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

What’ll Be Inside?

One of our biggest expenses after the property will be the investment in getting the store area to look inviting and beautiful. While the size and orientation may vary, my thought is to put a work station on the left of the door as people come in. This work station will allow Jenya and I to do any necessary computer work while still being available for questions and to help guests. Right now, I’m keeping it to an ergonomically adjusted sitting area for typing. The cash register will be next to it at a stand-up height. Behind us, we’ll have our reference library for writing projects. On that wall, we’ll have our Indie authors and books extending to our reading nook. This wall will have a flat screen showing book trailers.

The Reading Nook and Video Wall

At the back, we’ll have our reading nook – two bookcases filled with used books on either side of a faux fireplace, a throw rug, and a place for coffee and cookie Saturday. We want this to be a place where people can sit and read anything from the used book inventory. We’ll have special cards that people can take with them to show what they read, who the author was, and what they thought. It will also have a place where they can mark down the page number they left off at. We’ll use this location for some of our author chats and other videos. This back wall will also be where we have our film and photo studio for animating and for projects that require a different background. Product photos will be made here as well. The corner to the right will be for our collectors.

Collectors’ Corner

Our Collectors’ Corner will be the place where people can fulfill their desire to acquire. We’ll feature different types of collections and allow people to buy or trade if appropriate. As part of an effort to improve creativity, collecting different items allows people to easily juxtapose different subjects. This corner will be designed to jumpstart the creative juices and provide a little extra fun.

Penguin Rookery

Extending from the Collectors’ Corner to the front of the store will be the Penguin Rookery. Here, we will showcase Jenya’s handmade penguins and other penguin products. I want this to have a rocky rookery feel and texture. Behind the main rookery feature, I’ll have a flat screen that will show penguins and ocean scenes. The rug for this area will be a sea blue. A portion of the proceeds from adopted penguins will go to penguin charities.

Art, Posters, and Photos

In the center of the store, I want to have tri-wall glass to hang photos, art, and posters from local artists. We’d need a professional quality printer for the work Jenya does, which includes photos and posters. At the bottom of the walls would be a place for prints of the artwork above. The latter half of the store would be open for events and filming needs. We’d need a supply of folding chairs and a table for authors to sit at for author speaking and signing gigs.

How Can You Be a Part of It?

Join our Patreon! Our store will have a Wall of Fame, where your name will be proudly displayed! You’ll also get a discount every time you visit our store.

Subscribe to our YouTube. We’re going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony and at least one special guest who will do a short talk and a book signing, even if we have to do it virtually. Our YouTube will also be the place to find all of the videos that we create and make public. (Some of our videos may be reserved or released early for Patreon subscribers. Join our Patreon to be mentioned in the credits of all our videos.)

Start buying early! We’ve already started making author pages, so you can order early. If you decide to order directly from the author, just let them know where you got their information from. It’ll be nice to hear that our efforts are working already. Penguins are available for adoption, and we have links to Amazon pages where we are an affiliate. Check out the search bar in the footer below and order your Amazon stuff through us – it doesn’t cost you anything more, and we get a small credit for the advertisement.

Want to sponsor something in particular? We need a lot of different supplies, let us know what tickles your fancy.

Finally, if you know an indie author that could benefit from a little more exposure, have them fill out the author application, and let us know that you recommend him or her. Thanks!