Utah’s Ruby Snap Cookies Create Memories Worth Reliving

It’s Cookie Saturday, and you’ve got a cookie craving, but you don’t want or don’t have time to bake cookies what should you do? If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, the answer is simple: Ruby Snap. The company delivers some of the best cookies ever made, and they’re open until 7pm on Saturday! If you don’t live in Salt Lake City, you still have options. Cookie dough is available in the freezer section of Smith’s, Harmon’s and Lee’s Marketplace. If you live even farther away, you can get the cookies by mail. (You’ll want to order before Saturday so they can arrive on time.)

But Why Ruby Snap Cookies?

Ruby Snap only uses the best ingredients in their cookies, and you can taste the difference. They are soft, beautiful, and luxurious. Sure, they make some standard flavors, like the Snickerdudette (the only cookie without a proper female name) and Trudy, the traditional chocolate chip, but to use the term standard doesn’t do justice to the greatness these cookies achieve. The Frida is a spicy mole cookie and the Virginia is a dark molasses ginger cookie. When I lived in Salt Lake, I loved going into the store because they’d give out huge samples, I often was able to use a coupon, and then I had to buy something because they were just so good. Ruby Snap also does a cookie of the month, so I never had to worry about not having a new choice to try.

Cookies and Creativity

Aside from the outstanding texture and taste, Ruby Snap sets itself apart from other cookie companies through its ability to combine ingredients in unique, sumptuous ways. Many of the ingredients are familiar, for example, dough, but with a twist, coconut dough, almond dough, or vanilla dough. The Zooey is a Blueberry Lemon Chia with fresh-squeezed lemon glaze. There are 18 cookies to choose from and each one is a masterful creation. For a tasty treat, try Ruby Snap.

(Editor’s Note: We received no compensation for writing this Cookie Saturday article. We just love Ruby Snap cookies. It was one of our favorite places to visit.)