Pirate Plushie Penguins for 2017’s D23 Expo

In honor of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction turning 50, the Disney Expo 2017 held a contest for Pirates-related art. I convinced Jenya that we should try to win the prize using penguins in the “Take a Wench for a Bride” scene. I knew Disney was going to change the scene, sooner rather than later, but they hadn’t made an announcement. Jenya looked at some other scenes, but thought these outfits made for the funniest penguins. Because of the timing of the contest, Jenya had to make the pirate plushie penguins before the results about moving forward were in. We weren’t chosen, but we had all the penguins.

Tiny finds a Home

We showed my grandma the penguins, and she loved Tiny. Because we were planning to go to Lilac City Comicon to show the collection and get our penguins adopted, we told grandma she could have Tiny when we saw her after our travels. Grandma got Piper Penguin for the time in between.

Donald the Auktioneer

Donald the Auktioneer
Donald the Auktioneer

Perhaps the most memorable adoption was of the Captain Pirate, Donald the Auktioneer. Jenya made a pirate cap with two fish skeletons (out of felt) for the crossbones. A man came straight to our table, pointed at Donald and said, “I want that one.” He picked up the pirate, adopted him and walked away with it.

Pirates and Other Penguins

We still have some of those pirate plushie penguins left – April, May and June, Scarlett, and Pinelli or Ragetti, I think. If you’d like a custom pirate penguin, I’d be willing to discuss it with Jenya. Otherwise, we have penguins available here and at our Etsy shop. In a couple of months, we are planning on having a physical location for penguins, indie authors, and creativity. Check out our plans here, and join our Patreon to help us get started!