A Portrait in Penguins: Caption This!

I saw these penguins hanging out in our living room, and I wondered what was going on. Then I thought I would submit it to you for suggestions. This Portrait in Penguins features Willow in the blue sweater, Cinnamon in the middle, and Persimmon dressed in plaid and looking like Audrey Hepburn. Give us your best caption for this photo. Keep it clean and nice; just like our penguins.

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Pirate Plushie Penguins for 2017’s D23 Expo

In honor of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction turning 50, the Disney Expo 2017 held a contest for Pirates-related art. I convinced Jenya that we should try to win the prize using penguins in the “Take a Wench for a Bride” scene. I knew Disney was going to change the scene, sooner rather than later, but they hadn’t made an announcement. Jenya looked at some other scenes, but thought these outfits made for the funniest penguins. Because of the timing of the contest, Jenya had to make the pirate plushie penguins before the results about moving forward were in. We weren’t chosen, but we had all the penguins.

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Penguin Sweaters for Stuffed Penguins


Willow and Patch both got penguin sweaters recently. Patch was being a model for our friend Checkers Penguin, who lives in New Zealand where it’s winter. The neat thing about these sweaters is that they are made from a pattern used for actual penguins. But why would penguins need sweaters?

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Disney Classic: A Magical Night: Disney Movies in Japan Get the Concert Treatment

In Japan, they have these multimedia “Disney Classic: A Magical Night” concert events. There’s an orchestra, a Japanese emcee, and English singers who perform various roles in the film for the night. This isn’t a concert; it’s a full-on movie experience where the singers perform the dialogue form the film and provide various sound effects. These events have happened since 2002.

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