A Portrait in Penguins: Caption This!

I saw these penguins hanging out in our living room, and I wondered what was going on. Then I thought I would submit it to you for suggestions. This Portrait in Penguins features Willow in the blue sweater, Cinnamon in the middle, and Persimmon dressed in plaid and looking like Audrey Hepburn. Give us your best caption for this photo. Keep it clean and nice; just like our penguins.

More about the Penguins

Willow is named because of the coloring of the penguin. She has a penguin sweater to keep it warm and safe. Cinnamon Penguin recently found out what its name means. We were having cinnamon rolls… well, you can read the story of Cinnamon Penguin and the Cinnamon Rolls. Persimmon Penguin ended up with a plaid outfit after the yarn we got for her just didn’t work out. Jenya designed the dress, and it reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would’ve worn.

Jenya makes all the penguins. She’s tried a couple of different styles and patterns, which she has also created. The wings are attached using an old-fashioned string technique. The eyes are hand-embroidered. Each penguin comes with its own personality and passport.

Adopt a Penguin

Our penguins are available for adoption here or at Etsy. We have other penguins that you could adopt as well. A portion of the adoption fees for our penguins goes to support the Royal Albatross Centre in New Zealand for their work with Blue Penguins and other birds. We loved visiting their facility in Dunedin where they also have the only mainland colony of breeding Royal Albatrosses. Get a penguin today for you and one for your friend.