You Can Be More Creative if You Believe You Can Be

As I got my Master’s in Creativity and Innovation, the most important I learned was the first criteria for being more creative. The person who wants to be more creative needs to believe that he or she can be more creative. The mind is a powerful tool that you can use for good or ill for your own well-being: physical, mental, and educational. We can harness the power that is latent within our minds if we first believe that we can.

Change Is Difficult

Humans resist change. Change is difficult and often painful. However, it’s the only way we can advance – individually and a species. When you attempt to become more creative your own thoughts and beliefs will work against you. You will need to be diligent about changing those thoughts if you want to achieve greater life fulfillment and greater creativity.

Unlearn Old Information

Growing up, you were given a set of rules to live by. Your parents, teachers, and society told you what was acceptable and what wasn’t. They told you what you were capable of and what you weren’t. Maybe your parents hung your drawings on the fridge but later told you that you’d never make any money at it. Maybe your teachers saw you drawing in class and said that it wasn’t appropriate. Maybe you bought into the idea of “starving artists” and decided to go a different way. No one ever told you that you didn’t have to make money from your drawing in order for it to be valuable. This is true for any art or creative endeavor. It doesn’t require cash for creativity to become valuable to you.

Creativity and Humanity

Being creative is a part of our humanity, like compassion and the need for human connection. The people who painted caves didn’t earn any money from their work. They transferred their culture and language through it. They told stories, and they embraced an important part of themselves. Your creativity is just as important for you. If you want to be more creative, you have to believe you can be. Do you believe you can be? If so, then choose a creative activity and start working at it.

Evidence for Being More Creative

If you still aren’t sure that you can be more creative, I urge you to watch the first in the series of “So, You Think You Can’t Draw?” Drawing is only one form of creativity, but it is something everyone can do and has done. We will release episode five at Patreon on July 13, 2020. In total there are seven episodes for this course. Once you believe you can draw, and this course will get you there if you follow it and practice, you’ll believe you can be more creative. Join our Patreon, and we’ll begin crafting these explorations of creative talent that lie hidden within you. You were creative as a child. You have been creative as an adult, even if you haven’t recognized it. Let’s help each other make life better through improving our creativity.

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