Honolulu Cookie Company for Cookie Saturday

Our short trip to Waikiki was filled with amazing sights, amazing beaches, and amazing food. Several of the experiences in the city stood out: The Top of Waikiki restaurant, expensive and worth it; the malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery, calling them “Portuguese donuts” does not do them justice; and the Honolulu Cookie Company.

The Honolulu Cookie Company

As we walked down the main street in Waikiki along the shoreline, we saw the stores wide open and inviting us in. We tried all the flavors at the first store we went to, and they were like biting into a bit of buttery heaven. A couple of blocks later, there was another store. We stopped for more samples, and again a couple of blocks after that. It was one of our favorite pastimes while we were in Waikiki. Eating samples of these amazing shortbread cookies. Of course, at the end of our trip we purchased some for family and friends, but we didn’t have to. The employees were more than happy to let us try cookies without pressure or hassle.

Our Favorites

All of the cookies were good, but my favorites were the Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee, the Kona Coffee, and the Dark Triple Chocolate Macadamia. The coffee flavored popped and the crunchy cookie was the right texture to melt in your mouth. I can’t remember which one was Jenya’s favorite.

Cookie Saturday

Chances are that you can’t always bake cookies for Cookie Saturday, and that’s okay. Ordering cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company will ensure that you have a delectable, decadent cookie experience ready for your next #CookieSaturday. Don’t forget to share virtually with us and Checkers Penguin on Instagram. And if you want to share the experience IRL, you can order cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company’s website! Your friends and family will thank you.