Would You Stay a Night in a Haunted House? 31 Days of Halloween

You remember as a kid how brave everyone was? Standing outside the gate of a home where the witch lived or one that had been abandoned because it was haunted, each child would brag about what he or she would do if they met a ghost or the witch.

They would whisper stories about what happened in the haunted house. Who was killed, who disappeared, and all of the other mysteries would be explored in hushed tones. Furtive glances would be cast at the house, watching for something horrible. A curtain would move suspiciously, and everyone’s eyes would be glued to the spot where the movement occurred.

Then something would happen. Something on the porch would fall with a thud. A window shutter would slap against the house. A black cat would yowl as it tore across the overgrown, weedy yard, and all the kids would scatter.

Now, you can go back and relive that experience, and your decisions will decide your fate. Tommy and your friends are daring you to stay in the haunted house. The question is: Will you do it or are you chicken? Well, click the link and make your choice.

If you want other Halloween-related activities, I recommend Drue M. Scott’s “The Monster of Blackwood Forest” and Darren Lamb’s “Rebirth: A Zombie Tale.” For something that’s scary but in a different way, try my book “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.”

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