Creativity and Halloween, Facing Your Fears: 31 Days of Halloween

Halloween gives you the opportunity to play as a monster or something scary and to celebrate that fear. By becoming what you fear, you’re able to take some of that feeling away and empower yourself to be less afraid. Fear can be healthy, but it can also prevent you from doing something amazing. In creativity, it’s fear that often stops people from coming up with new ideas. They are afraid of being wrong, ridiculed, and/or failing. Still, Halloween is a good time to practice your creativity and face your fears!

Make a Costume

You don’t have to be a sewing genius to make a costume. You just need to have an idea and figure out how to make it happen. Sure, you could go to the store and buy something, but that’s way less fun. Come up with a costume made from stuff you have on hand. Boxes, paint and twine can make a surprising array of interesting, wearable costumes. A white sheet is always a stand-by for a ghost or Charlie Brown if you have a little trouble with the scissors. Get a brown sheet and cut some holes in it to be a potato. All you need is a little imagination. Be sure to share what you make with #Halloween.

Make Decorations

You don’t have to go to the store to buy decorations, you just need some crayons or pens and color. If you need some ideas, you can join me for Inktober. Every day is a new Halloween themed drawing, which you can turn into Halloween décor. We’ve already done a haunted house, an old tree, and an owl. You can see the entire list here.

Carve a Pumpkin

Creating a Jack-o-Lantern. Carving your pumpkin is an act of creativity! Congratulations. If you have done this in any year and put it someplace where others can see it, you have done something creative, and more importantly, you have shared that creativity. Keep it up!

Sharing Your Creativity

Being creative can be scary, but creativity is a core part of being human. Practice is the only way to become more creative, but you want to make sure your practicing the right skills. Get “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” for a Halloween-type creativity book that will give suggestions on improving your creativity while exploring the history of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Be sure to share your creativity to help make the world a better place.