A Treasure Hunt at the Fussy Duck: A Rhyming Riddle

The key to finding a free download lies within. Start your treasure hunt at the Fussy Duck here.

 Finding fun, forth you follow arrows on the floor.
 From the left, fixtures filled with festive things galore.

 Under tables unique they hide up until you see
 Ubiquitous, understated, untold gifting possibilities.

 Sure, Santa soon will come, his sleigh super-filled.
 Someone says Santa’s helpers should know the drill.

 Something special speaks to the soul in seasons of great joy,
 Simple, sighing, snowfall, songs fit for Sally and Roy.
 You know the yule tide spirit; you can make it last,
 Years and days of yore, yarns from family past…
 Do help drive home the daily bread of holiday delight.
 Day by day, dearness grows deciding to do the right.
 Unsure, the perfect gift you must uncover, and until you do,
 You think it’s under mistletoe or maybe it’s just you.

 ‘Cause it’s clear what Christmas is all about
 Come Christmas Eve and see without a doubt…

 Kickin’ it with kith and kin keeps the season keen.
 Kids and kindness and kingly gifts combine to create serene.

 One day, you’ll realize the days to Christmas are numbered.
 This one realization will wake you from your slumber.
 Then you can step into this wonderland
 And find gifts one to one thousand grand.

 Now that you’ve read this rhyme
 And you’ve gone through the shop divine,
 We hope you saw the penguins stuffed
 And you fell in love.

 You may have found the Christmas code
 Or solved the riddle, in rhyme it’s told.
 Simply click on this linking part 
 And add Penguin Express to your cart.
 Then use the code you have found
 To get the download for a number round.

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