‘The Monster in Ahmoraleer’ Releases Dec. 26; Get the First Book Now

If you haven’t read “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” (affiliate link), the following post will contain mild spoilers. “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is Drue M. Scott’s first book in the “Mortal Choice” series. Because this post is about the second book, “The Monster in Ahmoraleer,” (affiliate link) it will necessarily provide some information that you may be better of not knowing if you want to feel the full impact of the first book and its surprises. “The Monster in Ahmoraleer” will be released on Dec. 26, 2020.

“The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is about a Deaf woman, Jinx, who is also a werewolf, her family, her best friend, Christian, who is gay, and their lives in the small town of Blackwood Forest, Oregon. When a grisly murder takes place, the sheriff calls in Jinx’s uncle, Jax, to help with the investigation. Jax believes that it’s a werewolf, who is responsible, but mortals don’t believe in werewolves. Jax can’t believe that it’s someone from his pack, so he hides the truth about “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” or at least that particular monster.

Jinx is taken to the realm of the fairies, Ahmoraleer, for a trial after being accused of killing a mortal. New information comes to light about what’s going on in the fairy world and why. In the mortal realm, Christian’s mysterious acquaintance is cause for concern in the Blackwood Forest wolf pack. When realms collide, it might be difficult to understand who is the real monster in Ahmoraleer.

Drue has woven a tale across two novels that is enlightening, entertaining, and amazing. As the tension builds, Drue transports the reader to the fictional town of Blackwood Forest for a good cup of coffee, some family time, and a mysterious adventure that reveals the world of werewolves, fairies and others slowly and with confidence. Get “Mortal Choice” and enjoy a night by the fire. Just ignore the howls in the distance.

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