The Sounds of Disneyland as a Writing Aid

As I wrote over the summer and through October, I would find Disney Park music on YouTube to listen to. Some of the videos contained ambient sounds hidden in the background to subvert the copyright bot. Others were straight from the park. Still others were clear and beautiful. Then YouTube decided to monetize smaller creators’ videos without sharing revenue. This is the same content they said wasn’t worth monetizing in 2018 because it was too small.

In the interest of fairness and not taking revenue away from those creators who were still in YouTube’s revenue sharing program, I deleted my YouTube account and stopped using Google Chrome. I’m still working on limiting my use of Google as a search engine, trying to figure out how to get rid of my gmail, and deciding how I should go through my blog posts to eliminate videos that I’ve linked to. At any rate, deciding not to access YouTube created a gap in my ability to access the music of Disney Parks. I needed a place where I could listen to the relaxing background music that Disneyland is famous for that’s when I found “The Sounds of Disneyland.

Why Music?

Familiar music and instrumental music help me keep my concentration on a project. Somehow, music occupies that part of my mind that wants to go “squirrel!” It’s not 100 percent effective, but it’s good enough to keep me on track and limit outside distractions.

Why Disney Park Music?

Disney Park music is designed to create happy feelings. I am familiar with it, even if it’s in Japanese, French, or Chinese. Allowing my mind to go back to the times when I was in the park helps me be positive. It keeps me moving forward and reminds me of all the good things I’ve learned from Walt Disney and his company. I stay motivated and can indulge in nostalgia.

What Do I Miss?

I wasn’t able to find an Old Key West playlist. I suspect this is because Old Key West uses songs that are recognizably copyrighted and includes singers like Harry Belafonte and Jimmy Buffet. Old Key West was my favorite resort to work at because of the soundtrack.

What Am I Listening To?

The Sounds of Disneyland contains a comprehensive list of attractions and lands for Disneyland only. It doesn’t have anything else, but that’s fine for me. In December, I click on “Disneyland Holiday” and shuffle the playlist. Then I click on my word document and start typing. I do own several CDs that feature some of the same music, including the Disneyland 50th Anniversary collection, but The Sounds of Disneyland allows me to listen continuously without risking scratches to my CDs. It also has additional music that came out after the CDs.

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