Time to get to the Wooden Pot; Get Your Books in ‘Mortal Choice’

The snow floated down onto Christian’s overcoat as he walked through downtown Blackwood Forest. The large flakes were lazy as they wafted on the wind. Christian turned up his collar against the wind and quickened his steps. He looked up the street at the sign for the Wooden Pot. A warm cup of coffee would be great right now. This time of year, the Pot was making eggnog lattes with real eggnog. It was thick, rich, and a meal by itself. He might get a pastry, too. He reached the door of the café and reached for the handle. A howl rose up from somewhere in the woods around town.

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‘The Monster in Ahmoraleer’ Releases Dec. 26; Get the First Book Now

If you haven’t read “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” (affiliate link), the following post will contain mild spoilers. “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is Drue M. Scott’s first book in the “Mortal Choice” series. Because this post is about the second book, “The Monster in Ahmoraleer,” (affiliate link) it will necessarily provide some information that you may be better of not knowing if you want to feel the full impact of the first book and its surprises. “The Monster in Ahmoraleer” will be released on Dec. 26, 2020.

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