Time to get to the Wooden Pot; Get Your Books in ‘Mortal Choice’

The snow floated down onto Christian’s overcoat as he walked through downtown Blackwood Forest. The large flakes were lazy as they wafted on the wind. Christian turned up his collar against the wind and quickened his steps. He looked up the street at the sign for the Wooden Pot. A warm cup of coffee would be great right now. This time of year, the Pot was making eggnog lattes with real eggnog. It was thick, rich, and a meal by itself. He might get a pastry, too. He reached the door of the café and reached for the handle. A howl rose up from somewhere in the woods around town.

“A howl?” thought Christian. “There hasn’t been a wolf in Blackwood Forest for decades. What else would howl? Maybe it was a trick of the wind or some of the jocks playing a prank.” Christian opened the door to his favorite coffee place. He’d order something for Jinx, too. She’d be here, even if she was a little late.

It’s just another typical night in the small Oregon town of Blackwood Forest. Or at least it was – things have changed since that evening. You can find out more in Drue M. Scott’s Mortal Choice series. “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is the first book, and the newly released “The Monster in Ahmoraleer” takes the story even further. Get a copy for the holidays and let the wolf howls fill your new year. (This article contains affiliate links. You won’t pay more for the book, the author doesn’t lose any revenue, and this website gets a little bit to help keep it in operation.)

For more about “Mortal Choice” check out Drue’s website.