ASL Interpreter and LGBTQI Author Drue M. Scott Will Sign Books at Lincoln City Archery (Press Release)

Lincoln City, OR (May 13, 2021) – From May 29 to 31, 2021, Lincoln City Archery will host author Drue M. Scott, whose new release is the third in the Mortal Choice series set in the fictional town of Blackwood Forest, Oregon. Scott’s Mortal Choice series has found resonance within the Deaf community for its heroine Jinx, who is a werewolf and happens to be deaf. Her best friend Christian is gay.

Originally, Scott had intended to explore what happens when a Deaf girl changes into a werewolf, and how that change would affect her hearing. He was also interested in exploring the dynamic between the werewolf and her gay best friend, who doesn’t know she’s a lycanthrope. The story follows more than the two characters Scott had envisioned in its first phases, and Oregon plays its own role.

“I love the Pacific Northwest: the smells, the sights, the mountains and rivers, and the ability to drive a short amount of time and be in the wilderness. I wanted a place far enough removed from the hustle of city life but still attached enough to be open-minded, mostly. A place that could easily harbor some close-mindedness but not be without hope for making the world better,” said Scott. “I really wanted my fictional town to be cool, damp, beautiful, and not too far from the rocky coast of the Pacific; Oregon was the perfect place to create Blackwood Forest.”

The Mortal Choice series has been called cinematic in scope and, with its werewolves and fairies, it compares favorably to “Twilight.” Those who are looking for a new twist on old themes will definitely enjoy Scott’s stories.

“This series is unique because it takes some of the typical mythologies of supernatural beings and beasts and looks at them through a different lens,” said Scott. “The Mortal Choice series takes place in a rich environment full of things the reader will find familiar, but done in a fresh new way.”

Scott will be at Lincoln City Archery on May 29 from 4pm to 7pm, when he will give a talk on “Inclusivity in Fiction” in the evening. On May 30, he will be available to sign books from noon to 4pm, and on May 31, he will be in town to sign books from 11am to 1pm. Hours may be expanded due to popularity.


Time to get to the Wooden Pot; Get Your Books in ‘Mortal Choice’

The snow floated down onto Christian’s overcoat as he walked through downtown Blackwood Forest. The large flakes were lazy as they wafted on the wind. Christian turned up his collar against the wind and quickened his steps. He looked up the street at the sign for the Wooden Pot. A warm cup of coffee would be great right now. This time of year, the Pot was making eggnog lattes with real eggnog. It was thick, rich, and a meal by itself. He might get a pastry, too. He reached the door of the café and reached for the handle. A howl rose up from somewhere in the woods around town.

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Get Your Copy of ‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’ Today! 31 Days of Halloween

“The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is out today! Ordering it now as an eBook (affiliate link) ensures that you get a story before someone can spoil the ending! (psss… the butler did it!) Plus, you get a great story that is just right for the fall-heading-to-Halloween season. (jk… There is no butler.) Maybe you want a taste of what you’re in for. In this video, Drue M.  Scott reads a story inspired by Blackwood Forest:

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The Wooden Pot Serves Goodness in Blackwood Forest, OR

I got a sneak peek at the menu for the Wooden Pot café in Blackwood Forest, OR, and I gotta tell, you the menu offerings look fantastic. The café itself is focused on a few sandwiches and coffee drinks. This allows it to make sure that what it serves will be amazing.

The Lunch Menu

While I can’t give everything away, I think the first thing I would get is the PB&J Extreme open-faced sandwich. I also find the Full-Moon Soup appealing. I guess I could get them both. Maybe my wife and I could share. The Juniper Blueberry Latte sounds just exotic enough to make it the best choice though I’ve heard the coffee here is fantastic on its own. The Wooden Pot offers daily specials, so depending on what they’ve got going on for the day, I might opt for something else.

The Wooden Pot Opening

The Wooden Pot can only be found in Blackwood Forest, and its opening date has yet to be revealed. If you want to visit the town and the café, you need to make a reservation with the only tour operator who can take you there: Author Drue M. Scott. Beware, while the Wooden Pot looks inviting, Blackwood Forest is a different animal entirely.

During the day, you get a quaint, small town in the Oregon forest with all of its beauty and failings. At night, things become darker, even, or more correctly said, especially when the full moon shines down on the trees, sidewalks, and streets. A quick day trip may be your best bet. Otherwise, be sure to get a room at the seedy hotel and wait for sunrise before going outside again. Watch Drue’s blog for tour availability this coming September or October. It will be an adventure with characters that you’ll want visit again.