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Discounts for Salem Holiday Market 2019

If you’re planning on going to the Salem Holiday Market, download a coupon to receive a discount at the door. Join our Patreon and get a discount for anything you purchase at our table!

Coupons for $1 off admission to Salem Holiday Market.
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VIP, Vendor and Volunteer Discounts at the Penguinate Table (B91) for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention

Lilac City Comicon 2019

If you’re a vendor, VIP or volunteer at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention 2019, you’re eligible for $1 of your purchase of $10 or more! This discount is in addition to any other Penguinate discount you may have and is only valid at the Penguinate table.

Vendors, we know how hard you work to have a successful convention, and we want to reward you. Our penguins are just the right lovable stuffed animal to bring home with you. They are all handmade and ready to be adopted.

VIPs, you want a little extra for your comic convention going experience. Come find it with our discount on books, penguins and posters.

Volunteers, you deserve a reward for making this convention work. We appreciate the effort you put in to make sure Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention is great. We want to make sure that you have a little appreciation from us as vendors.

So, if you’re a vendor, VIP or volunteer, ask us about our discount and show us your lanyard. We’re looking toward an Amazing Comic Con, and we know you’re part of the reason it will be so!

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Ogden UnCon VIPs and Vendors Discount at Penguinate Table

Lilac City Comicon 2019

If you were lucky enough to grab a VIP pass or you are a vendor at Ogden UnCon, you can get a discount at the Penguinate table! We are offering $1 off for every purchase of $10 or more at our table. (This is in addition to our Patreon Penguinator discount.)

Our handmade penguins have been adopted by individuals and businesses. Each has its own name and personality (though some you can name)! Because they are handmade, each is unique. Whether cosplaying or au naturel, our penguins are ready to add joy and love to your life or the life of someone you love.

Our selection of books includes the Adventures on the Amur, Disneyland is Creativity, and the Penguinate! series. Author Darren Lamb is scheduled to make a guest appearance to autograph his books on Saturday June 8 at 1 pm.

You can also find Russian Lobby cards (mini movie posters) and motivational penguin posters at our booth. Check out future blog posts for a special tiny Avengers give away. We look forward to seeing you at Ogden UnCon!

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Last Day to Ensure You Get Patreon Discounts at the Penguinate Events for June

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

May 31, 2019 is the last day to make sure you can get your Patreon discounts at the events we are participating in during the month of June. If you want $1 off of every $10 you purchase at our table, you simply need to sign up for our Patreon at any level. This discount is on top of any other discounts you may have, like the VIPs and Vendors discount at Lilac City Comicon 2019, Ogden UnCon, and Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention. If you sign up in June, we may not be notified about your Patreon participation until it’s too late.

What else do you get besides a discount at the events we participate in? One post a month geared toward revealing the “secrets” creativity in a way that you can practice them. This patrons-only post is accessible at any level and usually complements an article about creativity at All Patreon Penguinators are recognized at the end of our YouTube videos. Then, you will want to look at the levels to see which one best fits your needs. Sign up today and get in on the fun!

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Free Chapbook at Penguinate Table (A1) at Lilac City Comicon 2019

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

Brian C. Baer is offering fans three death-related stories collected in a chapbook for free at Lilac City Comicon 2019. All you need to do is stop by the Penguinate table (A1) to pick one up on Saturday June 1 or Sunday June 2 during the convention.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to people abducted by aliens and never returned to Earth, “I Haunt the Spaceship” explores one possibility. Baer deftly draws his characters through the eyes of the abductee.

Baer’s second story, “Tropical Depression,” takes on a rich girl sent to a psychiatric facility to learn how to be normal, or at lest be hidden away from her parent’s society friends and their embarrassment. The story leaves you feeling like maybe not everything was as it seemed.

In “Development Hell on Earth,” the final story of the chapbook, strange things are happening on a movie set. The film has been delayed and is overbudget. A studio meeting should solve the problem.

The stories in the chapbook bring to mind “Beetlejuice,” Harry Houdini and that “ALIENS!” meme guy from the History Channel. For a little light-hearted reading that has more depth than it may first appear. Come to the Penguinate table (A1) at Lilac City Comicon 2019 and get your free copy. While supplies last.

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Get to Patreon for Discounts at the Penguinate Table!

Big Billy thumbs up

If you’re going to Lilac City Comicon 2019, Ogden UnCon, or Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, you can get extra savings on your purchases made at the Penguinate table. Because we love our supporters at Patreon, anyone who joins our page by May 31, 2019, will get $1 off for every $10 they spend at our booth. This offer is in addition to VIP and Vendor discounts available at our table!

Buy a book for $10, get a $1 off; if you’re a VIP or Vendor and a Penguinator, you get $2 off! Buy two books for $20 or adopt a penguin for $25 get $2 off; VIPs or Vendors who are also Penguinators, get $3 off! Adopt Big Billy for $50, get $5 off or with the VIP/Vendor and the Penguinator discount get $6.

Remember, for the best discount you need to be both a Penguinator and a VIP or Vendor. We look forward to seeing you at our events. If you can’t make it to the conventions, you can still get Penguinator discounts on books at the City Cakes and Café event in Salt Lake City and at the Second Chance Books event in Independence, Oregon.

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con VIPs and Vendors Get the Best Deals at Penguinate Table

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

If you’re headed to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention, you don’t have to gamble on getting the best deal at the Penguinate table. All you have to do is hold a VIP pass or be a Vendor and join our Patreon for the best deal.

As a VIP or Vendor, you’ve worked hard to get your pass, which means you deserve a little break. At the Penguinate table, you’ll get $1 off of every purchase over $10. You don’t need to be a member of our Patreon campaign for this discount, you just need to present your VIP or Vendor credentials.

Of course, we love our Patreon Penguinators, which is why we offer them $1 off for every $10 they spend at are table. Join our Patreon at any level before May 31, 2019 and you’ll be able to get this discount in addition to the VIP and Vendor discount!

Our penguins are looking for good homes where they will be cherished and bring joy. They love to cosplay, and many of them already have costumes. If you don’t see a penguin that captures your fancy, we can make a penguin specifically for you. You’ll can place your order with a small deposit at the comic con, and we’ll begin working on it in July.

Every penguin is handmade with hand embroidered eyes, which gives each penguin a unique look. For every penguin we sell during ALVCC, we will give $1 to the Global Penguin Society.

Our books include “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” We also have the fictional “Adventures on the Amur” series and “The Pirate Union.”

If you are looking for posters, our penguin motivational posters are just the right thing to brighten any room. Disney fans will like our small prints of bygone Disneyland details, and movie buffs should look at our Russian Lobby Cards. Stop by our table and say “Hi!” We look forward to seeing you.

Preordering is available to secure your items. Be sure to join our blog email list.

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VIP (or Vendor) Offer from Penguinate (A1) for Lilac City Comicon 2019

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

As a VIP ticket holder at Lilac City Comicon 2019, you get a lot of cool things from early entry to the show and an exclusive print to a Disney enamel pin and priority reserved seating. This year, you’ll also get $1 off any purchase of $10 or more at the Penguinate table (A1)! This discount is in addition to the Patreon Penguinator discount if your eligible.

Our penguins and books are already priced lower than what you would pay online because you don’t have to pay shipping and handling, and we don’t like messy numbers that aren’t a multiple of five. If you preorder your items and show us your VIP pass when you get to our table, we will give you a dollar back. That means you don’t have to worry about losing out on any additional discounts. (Pro Tip: Our preorder prices are the lowest ever, and they may be even lower than what we open the comicon with.)

So, get your VIP tickets, and come see us to get your VIP discount. If you’re planning on going both days, an extra $4 (when compared with two single day adult passes) for VIP treatment is totally worth it. Remember VIP tickets must be purchased in advance. We look forward to seeing you at Lilac City Comicon 2019, June 1 and 2, at the Spokane Convention Center. Vendors also qualify for the discount, just show your vendor badge!

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One Month Until Ogden UnCon June 7 to 9, 2019

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

We are super excited to be going to Ogden UnCon with our books and penguins. From June 7 to 9, we will be in Ogden celebrating pop culture with a few thousand of our closest friends.

Our penguins love to cosplay. (Penguin stock may vary based on availability.) My wife handcrafts beautiful stuffed penguins in two styles. The original penguins feature yellow bills and orange feet. Our black and white penguins are made from faux snow leopard fur and have either fuzzy or shiny feet. Penguins come with or without costumes, have their own names and include a passport. The eyes are hand embroidered, which makes every one unique. Come meet our penguins. For every one we sell, we will donate $1 to the Global Penguin Society. (Check out photos at our Instagram and on our website.) If you don’t see the penguin you want, you’ll be able to place an order.

As part of the event, I am scheduled to present “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity.” Focusing on the development, history and structure of the beloved Disneyland attraction, guests at my panel will be given a tour of the classic Haunted Mansion, which will be related to tips on how to become more creative. My book “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” is scheduled to be released on June 1, 2019 and should be available at Ogden UnCon. My other books, including “Disneyland Is Creativity” will be on hand while supplies last.

For people who are looking for wall displays, we have a few penguin motivational and other posters. Collectors may want to inquire about our Russian lobby cards featuring movies from the last couple of years. These lobby cards are like mini-movie posters.

To get the most out of your Ogden UnCon and our penguinate table, we highly recommend joining our Patreon at any level, so you can get $1 off for every $10 you spend. You should also preorder your items. Then you can be sure that they will be waiting for you when you arrive. Otherwise, they could get sold out!

Check out our press release. Read what we would do if we weren’t vendors at Ogden UnCon. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our table, what we’re bringing and how to get your hands on it!

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Just one month until Lilac City Comicon 2019!

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

With just a month to go for the hottest ticket of the summer, preparations here at are ramping up. Just like last year, we’ll books, stuffed penguins, posters and Russian Lobby Cards (mini movie posters) for movies from 2017 to the present. Preordering is encouraged to make sure you don’t miss out on our great items. If you want something from Russia, let us know, and we’ll do our best to bring it with us. Remember members of our Patreon Penguinators before June 1, get $1 off for every $10 they spend at our booth, so join today.

At our table, we will not only have books by Shad Engkilterra but we will also have Author Brian C. Baer signing copies of his books. A recognized expert in “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,” his exploration of “How He-Man Mastered the Universe is an enlightening and interesting piece on a cartoon that had greater influence on the future than anyone realizes. His fictional work, “Bad Publicity” is a supernatural noir detective novel and a fun read. His books will be available throughout the convention, and there may be a chapbook “I Haunt the Spaceship” available! Times are yet to be determined for his signing. (This is subject to change depending on Baer’s availability.)

Follow this blog to learn more about Lilac City Comicon and the other things we will be doing on our trip through the west and find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You don’t want to miss out on our upcoming announcements and articles about creativity, entertainment, books and penguins.

Lilac City Comicon 2019 promises to be a great event with newcomers like Chris Kattan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan – HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The returnees like Blacky Shepherd and Burr Martin bring their larger than life personalities back to Spokane. Join us and find yourself at an incredible comicon event where, you’re sure to have a great time.