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Break from Your Internet News Feed for Greater Creativity

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I listen to a lot of Disney Park atmosphere recordings on YouTube. It’s how I keep my stress level lower and improve my concentration while remaining relatively positive. The thing is, I just started doing this a couple of months ago with the implementation of self-isolation protocols. I watch How-to-Dad sometimes, and I’ve started Mousercising. I also watch Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert; however, when they went on vacation, my YouTube feed was taken over by Disney songs of all sorts. There are Disney Sing-Alongs, Disney Classic: A Magical Night, Disney mixes made by random people and a YouTube station that looks like it has radio call letters. All of this would be great if my only interest was Disney songs and their related videos. If it weren’t for a recent Mr. Rogers article, I wouldn’t find anything beyond what I’ve searched for in the past.

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ABC Stores, ‘This Week Oahu’ and Creativity

In an interview with “This Week Oahu” (Nov. – Dec. 3, 2018, p.28), Publisher Kent Coules asked ABC Stores President and CEO Paul Kosasa why Kosasa would explore opening restaurants and other businesses rather than just continue to open more stores in his already successful franchise.

“’We like to experiment,’ says Kosasa ‘Doing the same thing over and over again breeds complacency. You have to take risks… By expanding our expertise, we’ve learned things that we’ve brought into the ABC Stores – and vice-versa.’”

Risk taking is essential for creativity. When you do something new, it is a risk. You could fail; you could make a mistake. It’s all part of the learning process, and risk-takers use those mistakes and failures as stepping stones to success.

Creativity happens at the intersection. With the expansion of his business operations into other fields, Kosasa has been able to bring what he’s learned from one domain (restaurants) to another (convenience stores).

One more point Kosasa made in the interview is that he drew inspiration for the Island Country stores from magazine photos. The Island Country stores are upscale grocery stores on Oahu.

Media is a good way to get inspiration and to refill your creative well. With more information input, you can make more creative decisions. The hardest part is knowing when inspiration is going to strike – maybe in a free magazine with an article about a local business that has extended its reach internationally.

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