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Speakers' Club, Jan. 2020: New Year, New You!

The New Year’s Resolution:

Choosing a song or more:

I’m a Little Teapot; Itsy Bitsy Spider

Mousercise: Step in Time:

Get the Money:

Mamas and Papas: California Dreamin’:

B-52s: Rock Lobster:

The Bangles: Walk Like an Egyptian:

What subjects should we cover?

Groundhog’s Day

Cultural discussion:

Time, Time is Money, Save Time, Spend Time,

Space – 3 feet


Money and Credit

Friends – Who’s your friend and why?

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Speakers’ Club: Nov. 2, 2019

Hobbiton in New Zealand


The Guide to “TH”: There’s a reason why the tongue is language.  “S” to “TH”

Chip and Dale:

Nov. 9 and 16

New Zealand – Nov 23, 30, and Dec 7.

Dec. 14?

What would you like to discuss for the last two meetings?


American Football


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Speakers’ Club October 2019: Halloween

Sally Penguin with book


Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers:

The History of Halloween:


Trick-or-Treat: 1930s – Give us candy or we play a trick on you.

Candy: Candy Corn, Candy Bars, Coins, Popcorn Balls, Apples, Toothbrushes, Comic Books.

Bobbing for apples, apple on a string

Lollipop ghosts

Pumpkins as jack-o-lanterns

Horror films

Haunted Houses

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

The Skeleton Dance:

Donald Duck Trick or Treat:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Monster Mash

Nightmare on My Street

War of the Worlds:

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Satori School Oct 2019: Accents

People talking


Chip and Dale Rescues Rangers:

The “Th” sound:

American Accents:

Texas Accent:

Boston Accent:

English Accents:

Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady”:

Your accent: Imitate someone you like. Really imitate them. Overdo it.

John Wayne:

Matthew McConaughey:

Christopher Walken:

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Speakers’ Club: Overcoming Obstacles pt. 1

Polly Penguin Wants to Fly

Rules: Make mistakes and learn from them.

Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers:

Schoolhouse Rocks! America: The Preamble to the Constitution:

(Friends and acquaintances)

The Challenges:

Visa, Green Card

Exchange rate, Income – How do we pay for it?

Finding work

Local resources?


Fear of Flying

School Differences (university, courses)

Language, accents

Traditions, customs

Food issues

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Speakers’ Club 2019: My Favorite Things


Chip and Dale Sing-along:

What do you like about Blagoveshchensk?

Why do you want to move to or visit America?

What challenges do you expect?

How can you make it happen?

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Speakers’ Club September 2019: Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles


Shad’s email:

Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers:

One-on-One, Round and Round:

Hi, my name is _______.

I’m a ______.

My favorite rock song is _____. ((Or) My favorite _____ song is ______)

Queen, debut album (1973): They used AC30 watt amplifiers the same type the Beatles used.

Read about “Creativity and Queen’s Freddie Mercury”:

We Will Rock You:

Bohemian Rhapsody:

Somebody to Love:

Another One Bites the Dust:

We Are the Champions:

Under Pressure with David Bowie: Beat was used by Rapper Vanilla Ice for his song “Ice, Ice, Baby”

Flash Gordon (1980) soundtrack

Highlander movie and TV Series

Queen on the free concert – They were only going to get 30 pounds each anyway.

Freddie Mercury on John Lennon: (His response is a bit surprised, and he hesitates to find the right words. It’s okay to rephrase if you get off on the wrong track.) “It’s not a matter of less talent or more talent. It’s just that certain people are capable of doing certain things better than somebody else… John Lennon was just unique and a one-off… I admire John Lennon very much.” Mercury wants to be true to himself.

The Rolling Stones, debut album (1964), name from Muddy Waters song:

Read about Creativity Lessons with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards:

Jumping Jack Flash: Whoopie Goldberg film, Otherworld TV series.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: Justine Bateman movie.

Paint It Black

It’s only Rock N Roll (but I like It) with David Bowie:

Start Me Up:

Sympathy for the Devil: Jagger based his portrait of Satan as “a may-yun of way-elth and tay-ste” in part on Mikhail Bulgakov’s satirical novel The Master and Margarita. But he made the role his own.

The Beatles, debut album 1963, (The Oneders) They are the standard; they were the first to make it big from England to the U.S.:

Back in the USSR:

Across the Universe (also a movie) and in Pleasantville:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Paul Is Dead?):

Blackbird (Civil Rights):

Hard Day’s Night:

Yesterday – the most covered song in history:

Can’t Buy Me Love movie

Yellow Submarine movie

Musicians on the Beatles:

Downloadable Scrabble game board and pieces.

U.S. programs in Russia:

U.S. Visa guidelines:

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Speakers’ Club First Day Back 2019: Welcome Back

Let’s set up the rules. We had four last year. Do we need to change them, add to them, subtract from them, or do they work?

What did you do this summer? Let’s talk about our great summer activities or our not so great ones.

Let’s talk songs: Which would you like to sing? I’m suggesting:


Gummi Bears:

Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers:


Kids Incorporated:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:


Cheeseburger in Paradise

Sweet Caroline

Possible topics and activities: What do you want to talk about this year? Suggest topics and let’s see what you want to know about the U.S., its culture and language. (Or we can just learn things like “Why does this dog smell? Because it’s wet and dirty” if that’s helpful to you.)

Vote and weighting: We have a limited amount of time hanging out together this year, so let’s vote on the topics and cover the most important ones first.

Word Game: Everyone gets letters. The first decision is if the person can make a word of three-letters or more. If so, take the word and keep the letters. Then place a tile in the playing area. If not, place a tile from your hand into the playing area. Each letter is worth a certain number of points. The person with the highest number of points when all the letters are used, wins.