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Speakers’ Club May 11, 2019: ‘The Twilight Zone’


For this Speakers’ Club, time willing, we’ll discuss three episodes of “The Twilight Zone”: ‘To Serve Man,’ ‘Eye of the Beholder’ and ‘Monsters on Maple Street.’

Rod Serling’s seminal series ran for five years from 1959 to 1964 and perfected the art of the twist ending. Be prepared to take a trip to the fourth dimension.

Bring the popcorn and be ready to think about what you see, hear and feel.

Grim, Grinning Ghosts:

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Speakers’ Club April 27, 2019: Star Wars

Darth Vader


Word Crimes:

When is Star Wars day?

Moosebutter John Williams Medley:

Long time ago, far, far away
Long time ago, far, far away
Kiss a Wookiee, kick a droid
Fly the Falcon through an asteroid
‘Til the princess is annoyed
This is spaceships
It’s monsters
It’s *Star Wars*
We love it!
Come and help me, Obi-Wan
X-Wing fighter and a blaster gun
Dance with ewoks, oh, what fun!
This is spaceships
It’s monsters
It’s *Star Wars*
We love it!
Get in there you big, furry oaf
I couldn’t care less what you smell!
I take orders from only me
Maybe you’d like it back in your cell
Your highness, your worshipfulness
Your highness, your worshipfulness!
No one cares if you upset a droid (Nobody cares if you upset a droid)
That’s because droids don’t tear your arms out of socket (Nobody cares)
I suggest a new strategy: let the Wookiee win
That’s because nobody cares if you upset a droid
Now we listen to Luke whining
One more season, one more season, one more season
I was gonna go to Tosche
Station for power converters
Now I guess I’m going nowhere
It just isn’t fair!
(Wookiee noises)
(Wookie noises)
Wookiee! Wookiee!
Wookiee! Wookiee!
Someone move this walking carpet
Someone move this walking carpet
(Woo-kiee, Woo-kiee)
Someone move this walking carpet
Someone move this walking carpet
(Woo-kiee, Woo-kiee)
Kiss your brother, kiss your brother
Princess Leia!
Well, I guess you don’t know anything about women
(Kissing noise)
(Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?)
Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?
Luke, I’m your father
(That’s not true!)
It is useless to resist
(My hand!)
Come with me, my son
We will rule
(I’ll never join you!)
Search your feelings, it is true
So, you have a twin sister who
Obi-Wan was wise to hide
(Is that Leia?)
If you will not turn
Then perhaps she will
Give in to your hate
You are mine
Long, long, long time ago
Far, far, far, far away
Long, long, long time ago
Far, far, far away
Kiss a Wookiee, (kiss a Wookiee)
Kick a droid, (kick a droid)
Fly the Falcon (fly the Falcon)
Through an asteroid!
‘Til the princess (’til the princess)
Is annoyed (she’s annoyed!)
This is spaceships
It’s monsters
It’s *Star Wars*
We love it, it’s true!
(Episode III)
Coming to you!
So let’s go (go, go, go to the movies)
Stand in line (buy, buy, buy me some popcorn)
Cause it’s al- (please, I like extra butter)
-most the time! (Join the Dark Side!)
May the Force be with you all!
(John Williams is the man!)

Moosebutter “Star Wars (John Williams Is the Man)”

Tony Dyson on creativity:

What did “Star Wars” change?


Summer blockbuster

Science fiction at the movies: “The Black Hole”

What does it have to do with “Star Trek?”

Other ‘Star Wars links:

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Speakers’ Club April 20, 2019 Hip Hop


Word Crimes:

2020 News Program 1981 documentary:

Hip Hop Evolution trailer:

1979 First known rap hit:

1980 Blondie’s Rapture: First rap song on MTV

1981 The Beastie Boys form “You Gotta Fight (for your right to party)”

1983 Ice T and gansta rap

1987 Public Enemy politically charged intro album

1988 NWA “Straight Outta Compton”

A Tribe called Quest, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Grandmaster Flash, 2 Live Crew, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy, Ice cube, LL Cool J, Sir Mix-A-Lot,

The Death of a Culture:

  • Nipsey Hussle: Age 33, shot in 2019, He owned several businesses in L.A.’s Crenshaw District and, according to the Los Angeles Times, was known to employ struggling residents, many homeless, and once gave a pair of shoes to every student at a nearby elementary school.
  • XXXtentacion: Age 20, shot in 2018.
  • Phife Dawg: Age 45, diabetes in 2016, member of A Tribe Called Quest.
  • MCA: Age 47, cancer in 2012, member of the Beastie Boys.
  • Guru: Age 48, cancer in 2010, member of Gang Starr.
  • J Dilla: Age 32, cardiac arrest in 2006.
  • Jam Master Jay: Age 37, shot in 2002, Run DMC.
  • Lisa Left-Eye Lopes: Age 30, car crash in 2002, TLC
  • Big L: Age 24, shot in 1999.
  • Notorious B.I.G.: Age 24, shot in 1997.
  • Tupac: Age 22, shot in 1996.
  • Scott La Rock: Age 25, shot in 1987.

“Accidental overdoses having claimed the lives of Mac Miller (26), Pimp C (33), Kriss Kross’s Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly (34) and Ol’ Dirty Bastard (35).”

“N.W.A. member Eazy-E (31) perished from complications due to AIDS in 1995. Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy (42) died from complications related to sickle-cell anemia. ig Pun (28), Nate Dogg (41) and Craig Mack (47) all had heart failure. For MC Breed (37), it was kidney failure. Three 6 Mafia co-founder Lord Infamous (40) died of a heart attack. Heavy D (44) suffered from heart disease and died from a blood clot in his lungs. Like Phife Dog, Tim Dog (46) died from complications related to diabetes.”

“Neglected neighborhoods rarely offer viable healthcare or affordable healthy food options.”

Above quotes taken from Nipsey Hussle op-ed cited above.

Inner city, systemic racism, poverty

See something similar in history of women writers from late 1800s.

Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing according to Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith:

History of Rap according to Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake:

Difference between Hip Hop and Rap according to Ebony:

Vocabulary and history:

Run DMC:

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Speakers’ Club Apr. 13, 2019 Musicals


Word Crimes Rehearsal:

The Musical on Broadway and at the Movies

The Jazz Singer: First synchronous sound movie was also a musical. Al Jolson.

The Wizard of Oz: I’m Melting; O-e-o-e-ooooo; Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain:

My Fair Lady: Broadway with Julie Andrews; movie with Audrey Hepburn. Andrews took the Mary Poppins Role and beat Hepburn out for the Oscar that year. From the play “Pygmalion.” Hepburn’s singing voice was dubbed over.

Fiddler on the Roof: Tradition!

The Phantom of the Opera:

Guys and Dolls, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando:


Damn Yankees:

Singin’ in the Rain:

The King and I: Yul Brynner

Porgy and Bess:


Chicago: The original “Orange is the New Black” with music.

A Chorus Line:

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat: Donny Osmond;




Hamilton: Lin Manuel Miranda

Excalibur, the Man of La Mancha, Cabaret, Les Miserables, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, A Star Is Born, Porgy and Bess, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Evita, Fame, 42nd Street, Grease, Wicked

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Speakers’ Club Mar. 9, 2019 Native American Talking Stick

Speakers’ Club Rules.

Word Crimes sing-along:

Pure Imagination:

Minister’s Cat H.

One Word Story.

Native American Talking Stick:

  • Only the person holding the stick is allowed to talk.
  • Everyone else listens actively.

Bring a question and a comment. Think about what you want more of for Speakers’ Club and what you want less of. We will look at building consensus if there is time.

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Speakers’ Club Feb. 2, 2019: Freedom!

Speakers’ Club rules.

Word Crimes sing along.

World of imagination sing along.

  • Literal: I’m happy.
  • Figurative: I walking on sunshine; I’m walking on air.
  • Literal: He’s a dreamer.
  • Figurative: His head’s in the clouds.
  • Literal: Work toward big goals.
  • Figurative: Shoot for the moon (unless you’re a rocket scientist).

Minister’s Cat D.

One Word Story.

The Colossus of Rhodes:

statue of liberty
Photo by Daniel Bendig on

Statue of Liberty:

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
Emma Lazarus, November 2, 1883

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Emma Lazarus, November 2, 1883

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Speakers’ Club Jan. 12, 2019: A Taste of the United States

Baby Shark #32 on Billboard’s Top 100:

The Minister’s Cat:

What American foods are available in Blago?

M&Ms, Snickers, Bounty, Snickers, other candy bars; Oreos; Nesquick; Lays, Pringles; Coke, Fanta, Sprite; Special K cereal bars; Orbit gum

Dodo Pizza, KFC, Subway, Cinnabon, Royal Burger, Hot Dogs, Heroes café

What’s the purpose of advertising?



What’s the purpose of differentiation in the same product?

“Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford on the Model T.

Snickers fire, espresso; Cheetos fire, puffs, stars…

Pumpkin spice everything… but mostly coffee

Peppermint… Gingerbread…

Limited edition: