New Zealand: Monarch Cruises and Penguin Place Combo Offer Penguins, Dolphins, Albatrosses

The Monarch Cruises and Penguin Place combination tour in Dunedin, New Zealand, was one of our favorite experiences. The cruise gave us another view of the albatrosses we had seen at the Royal Albatross Center the evening before. Here we could see them glide just above the water on the ocean. It also brought us close to gulls nesting on buoys and boats, which apparently hadn’t been used in a while. However, the two best sightings were the dusky dolphins that swam along with our boat, and a lone blue penguin floating on the water.

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New Zealand: Royal Tiki Tour with Royal Albatross Centre Delivers All the Birds

Taking the Royal Tiki Tour with the Royal Albatross Centre is one of the best decisions we made for our trip to New Zealand. The Royal Albatross Centre allows visitors to see the only mainland colony of nesting royal albatross in the world while also providing the opportunity to learn about the equally endangered red-billed gulls and see little blue penguins returning home in the evening.

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