The Genius of the New York Knicks Free Agency 2019

The New York Knicks are three steps ahead of everyone in the NBA, and no one has realized it. While everyone is laughing about the Knicks free agent acquisitions during the first day of free agent negotiations in the NBA, the Knicks will ultimately be the ones to have the last laugh.

The Knicks announced their free agents Taj Gibson, Bobby Portis and Julius Randle as they missed out on top tier talent like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Fans booed. The rest of the NBA made thousands of jokes at the Knicks expense. These three players play the same position: power forward, and its one that has also been filled by current Knicks player Luke Kornet. Here’s why the Knicks are at the next level.

Teams had success with “the Twin Towers” concept of playing two centers like Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon or David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Two centers led to better defense and better shooting percentages.  Teams had success with small ball like Don Nelson’s Warriors. Playing three guards provides more ball-handling and more speed.

But no team has played three power forwards on the floor at the same time. Basketball is a game of innovation. The time for the next evolution of basketball has arrived, and the New York Knicks are just a little quicker at getting there than everyone else.