New Zealand: A Short Survey of New Zealand’s Creativity

The Arts Council of New Zealand is dedicated to opening the world to the arts of New Zealand. It facilitates creative exchanges and helps fund everyday artists and their works. Called “Creative New Zealand,” the organization is funded by the government and confirms New Zealand’s dedication to the arts and their proliferation.

Wellington: The Capital of Creativity

With the world-renowned Weta Workshop based in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city has a claim as the top place for creativity in the country. Weta came to the forefront of the film industry with the work it did on Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” though that’s not the only film series that it has worked on. Among its top film showings, Weta has worked on “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Furious 7,” and “Avatar.” Weta combines ground-breaking digital work with old school fabrication and effects.

We have access to some of the most extraordinary thinkers and doers on the planet – the technicians of the New Zealand film industry. The cross-disciplinary capabilities of our team has allowed us… getting New Zealand art and creativity out to the world.”

Sir Richard Taylor, Co-founder Weta Workshop.

According to Infometric’s Creativity Measure, Wellington was the most creative city in New Zealand and has been widening the gap for a decade.

Cultural Influences on Creativity

New Zealand’s mix of cultural influences has influenced its creativity. Maori, European and Asian influences can all be felt in the country’s artistic styles. Writers adapt native legends and New Zealand culture to their books written in English. The critically acclaimed film “Whale Rider” was based on a book by Witi Ihimaera and showed life in a small Maori village. It was filmed near Gisbourne, which is the first place to see the sunrise every day.

Music from New Zealand

In the international scene, singer Lorde is from New Zealand. However, Flight of the Conchords might be the best group to come out of the country. Their HBO show is a cult classic, and their comedic music is hilarious. The founder of 1980’s Crowded House Neil Finn also calls the country home. More traditional music from the Tribe has also achieved international acclaim.

Why Creativity is Important

Creativity is a hedge against the automation of industries and the loss of jobs due to that automation. According to Professor Richard Florida, as cited on Infometrics, a vibrant creative community attracted those employees that would work in the jobs that serviced and designed automation. New Zealand is working to make sure its country is ready for the coming change.

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