Which Five New Zealanders Would You Invite to Dinner?

When my wife and I went to New Zealand, we were able to see an exhibit on the country designed to bring families together. They handed out a deck of cards that were supposed to be used at home with the family. The fronts of the cards have different photos, and the backs have questions to answer. One of the questions was “Which five New Zealanders would you invite to dinner?”

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New Zealand: Weta Workshop Tour Reveals Secrets to Movie Making Magic in New Zealand

[This article contains affiliate links. By clicking on a link and purchasing an item, I may make some money. However, it will not cost you more than going to Amazon on your own.] The Weta Workshop and its partner companies are responsible for some of the greatest special effects and movies of all time. They’ve worked on shows from “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” with Kevin Sorbo to the “Thunderbirds Are Go” reboot for a new generation. They’ve done effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and are working on James Cameron’s Avatar series. They’ve accomplished this from the production lot near Wellington, New Zealand, which is a complete movie studio capable of delivering everything a movie production needs.

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New Zealand: A Short Survey of Wellington

Wellington is not only the capital of New Zealand but also the Creativity Capital of New Zealand. With the emphasis that New Zealand is putting on creativity and innovation, Wellington is a step ahead of most of the country according to Infometric. With its designation, it’s only natural that I would want to experience the city myself.

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New Zealand: A Short Survey of New Zealand Destinations – On First Look

At roughly 1600 km long (990 miles), New Zealand’s two islands are about the length of a third of the continental United States. That’s a nice drive in America of about 18 hours depending on which states you go through and the maximum speed limit. I have been told that’s not the case in New Zealand. The roads aren’t highways. They tend to wind and have lower speed limits. The other impediment to drive time is the ferry. It may not run in inclement weather, and of course, it only departs at certain times of the day. The cost is also something to consider. I was told around $200 NZ for a car and two passengers.

With all of this in mind, choosing destinations for New Zealand is going to depend on what we really want to see – not the road or the inside of a car – and what we can get to comfortably. Personally, I don’t necessarily want to spend my time driving at all. On the other hand, my second hand knowledge has said that public transportation doesn’t exist, and the buses that go between towns take even longer than cars.

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New Zealand: A Short Survey of New Zealand’s Creativity

The Arts Council of New Zealand is dedicated to opening the world to the arts of New Zealand. It facilitates creative exchanges and helps fund everyday artists and their works. Called “Creative New Zealand,” the organization is funded by the government and confirms New Zealand’s dedication to the arts and their proliferation.

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