What Is Self-Isolation?

If you’re considering self-isolation, you probably have some knowledge about the coronavirus and some questions about what it means to self-isolate. While the information about coronavirus is still evolving. Self-isolation is one of the techniques that specialists are telling people to practice in order to slow the spread of the virus. It also protects other people from catching the virus. If you’re waiting for results from a test, have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, or are just traveling back from a country that has coronavirus, you need to self-isolate.

What is Self-Isolation?

The short answer is: Staying away from other people; all other people. Still, some people have questions about what it means to self-isolate, so let’s break the word down into its component parts.

Dissecting Self-Isolation

The first part is “self.” This is referring to your physical being, your body, the physical molecules that make you, your cells, and the whole of presence on this plane of existence. It has nothing to do with your spirit. You can let that soar as far and as free as your imagination will take you. The only “self” that self-isolation is concerned with is the physical part of you. It also has nothing to do with your energy or vibes. You can send those out into the world. This is only about the matter and atoms that give you form.

The second part is “isolation,” which can be broken down into two components. The first component is “Iso” meaning “away from.” Isosceles triangles are away from other triangles. Isometric exercises are away from meters, and isotopes are away from drinking habitually. “ISO” also means “In Search Of” as in “in search of a place to be where there are no other people.”

The second component is “lation” meaning “in the state of.” So, “relation” is in the state of connectedness. “Ovation” is the state being eggs, like Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty (affiliate link), and “Carry Nation” (affiliate link) is in the state of being against alcohol while carrying a hatchet to dismantle bars. “Isolation” is the state of being away from others. (Editors note: “Iso” actually means “equal” and “ation” is the process of an action. “Isolate” is a version of “solitary,” so “isolation’ is really the process or action of being alone.)

What You Can’t Do

So, isolation is the state of being away from everyone else, or as the song says, “all by myself” (Thanks, Eric Carmen). While you may not want to be all by yourself, if you’re self-isolating, that’s how you will be. That means no going anywhere. No being with friends or family. No going to the store. No going outside where you might come across a neighbor. If you live in a house with others, you stay in your room. There’s no communal movie night, dinners made together, or group showers. Self-isolation is definitely more difficult if you have to share facilities and kitchens. However, you need to make sure that you’re staying away from people. Set up a schedule and deep clean after yourself.

What You Can Do

As long as you have Internet and a connection, you can facetime, chat, text, even, gasp, make a phone call to someone you know. You can order everything delivery – just ask for it to be left at the door. You can ask for help if you need specific groceries, medications, or TP (affiliate link, at the time of this post listed the item as “Currently Unavailable) – though that last one might be a bit more difficult to come by. There are other activities that you can do as long as you have the supplies. They will be detailed later.