Stay the F— Home: Activity #1 Videos Killed the Radio Star

If you are in self-isolation or quarantine, now’s the time to catch up on all those YouTube videos (I have a channel; you can subscribe.) you’ve wanted to see, and several you didn’t. Turn off your ad blocker, and find all of the creators who have been lucky enough to monetize their videos, and watch like crazy! (Or find those that have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, subscribe to them, and then watch all of their videos, so that they will be able to monetize their videos at some point in the future.) By starting with those who have monetized their YouTube, you’re doing two things at once:

  • One, you’re alleviating your boredom in a fairly passive way, so YAY YOU! You’re proving that using a little effort goes a long way toward mind-numbing.
  • Two, you’re helping to keep the economy rolling by providing those creators with a source of income that costs you nothing! All you need to do is play the video. The YouTubers will have a little extra cash, and you’ll be none the worse for self-isolation or quarantine.

After you’re done playing around on YouTube, there are a tone of other places you can get streaming content. The WWE is still live (at the time of this writing) only its live audiences have been knocked cold out of the picture. CBS has “Picard” and possibly “the Twilight Zone.” Netflix, Amazon Prime (affiliate link), and Disney+ are all in play, and you have all day to binge watch. Try watching the Marvel movies in chronological order. Do the same with DC, Star Trek and Star Wars and their series. Hit up classic “Twilight Zone” episodes in order; they may not be the most uplifting, but they’re still relevant. Go on a classics binge and find all the movies with Audrey Hepburn. Find the worst movie on the streaming service you’ve paid for. After all, you might as well get the most out of it possible.