Stay the F— Home: Activity #2 Aerobicize, Everyone!

You’re going to want to stay healthy while you’re in self-isolation, and there are few better ways than dancing by yourself (Thanks, Billy Idol and Gen X; affiliate link). Find some good music and break out those dance moves. You can even dance like no one is watching… because no one is, and if they are, they shouldn’t be because your self-isolating! People need to respect that. Dancing increases the endorphins and improves the immune-stress response. You’ll feel good, and you’ll really be able to cut footloose (Thanks, Kevin Bacon and Kenny Loggins; affiliate link).

Yeah, you could concentrate on songs that make you feel worse, but I prefer happy upbeat songs that remind me of the ‘80s. And if you can’t think of how to dance to the beat, you can go back to our old friend YouTube and find great exercise videos – also from the ‘80s. Jane Fonda, even if she don’t got a motor in the back of her Honda (Thanks, Sir Mix-A-Lot; affiliate link), was queen of the workouts for a long time. Richard Simmons will get you sweatin’ to the oldies. Denise Austin (She’s still around and doing exercise videos), Kathy Smith (is also still around), and Jazzercise will help you keep fit. I would go with Mousercise myself, but I love Disney, and they know how to get the money, gotta get the money, get the money, Uncle Scrooge’s money (Thanks, Beagle Boys; affiliate link).

If you want to update your workout routine, you could try yoga. People love Rodney Yee and Yoga with Adriene. I would still take Cosmic Kids Yoga over those two. Tai chi is a good workout as well. Just be sure that whatever you choose, you’re healthy enough to keep up the physical activity. (You may not be able to discuss this with a physician, but if you can, you should.) As long as you’re staying at home to safeguard your health and the health of those around you, you might as well make some additional effort to safeguard your health.