How to Make Tomorrow Better with Limited Resources

Improving your future is hard, especially when you consider everything you’ve got going on. Even if you’re someone who is staying home because of the pandemic, you don’t have as much time or as many resources as you might like. You could have a limited budget, limited means to contact people, and not enough emotional energy to carry you through to the evening. But there is something you can do to plant seeds for a better tomorrow.

Look at Your Plan

The best thing you can do is to write down a plan. Where do you want to be in a year or five years from now? This plan is going to change because situations and priorities change. However, it can be used as a guideline to help you move forward. If you already have a plan, you’re ready for the next step. If you don’t have a plan or an end goal, figure one out. What is it that you really want from life? Write it down and work backwards on how to get there from where you are. The plan can be your first seed. Be sure to post it someplace you can see it.

Learn Something New

What skills are you lacking for your plan? These are things you may need to learn. There are plenty of ways to learn new skills, and if you have the Internet, you can get many skills. Maybe, you just need to get better at a skill you already have. If that’s a case, figure out a way to practice. You don’t need a lot of time; you just need to dedicate enough that the practice is worthwhile. A 15-minute How To video on the skill is a start.

It’s Not about You

Maybe you want to help someone else plant seeds. If you have a friend who is running an online business, you could write a blog post for him or her. You could write a review on Amazon if they sell there or at Etsy. Call, message, or otherwise contact your friend and see what kind of help he or she needs. Make it personal rather than a comment. If you’re a subject matter expert in something and you can relate it to what your friend does for a living, that’s even better.

Meditate and Exercise for Health

If you’re emotionally drained and you can’t do anything, try meditation. Some people go through this with a guide. Others use exercise as a way to get rid of the stress and worry. Yoga and Tai Chi are available online as well. You still have to put in the effort, but it can help you reduce stress, increase your health and increase your motivation.

Do One Thing

There are some days when you’ll be on fire (figuratively), and you’ll get so much done. Other days, the struggle will be real. The object is to get one thing done to pant the seeds for tomorrow. If you can consistently do one thing a day, you’ll beheaded for success, even if it takes a long time to get there. A plan, or a list of things to do can be helpful as motivation or as a memory aid. Look at your goal, work backwards and find what you can do today to make tomorrow better.