Dead to Me Season 2 through Episode 4: If The ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ and 2020 Had a Baby

When ‘Dead to Me’ season 2 started filming in Sep. 2019, coronavirus didn’t exist, and 2020 was still in the future. So, how the writers came up with a show that is a simile for the entire year and what we’re all going through is a mystery. Think of Steve as the coronavirus, which leads to a discussion of how long they would have to stay in the house together. The writers have created a simile for everything that has happened and combined it with Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” (affiliate link) creating something new and amazing. ‘Dead to Me’ season 2 continues to provide surprises, even if one of them is straight from a soap opera. It also provides disaster upon disaster.

These disasters are all predicated on a single terrible reaction and the threat of the consequences of that action for Jen (Christina Applegate) and her family if it were ever uncovered. Would the truth set her free? Doubtful. She would probably go to jail, and her kids would be sent to live with their grandmother who is showing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Jen and Judy (Linda Cardellini) continue to make bad decisions because there are no real good ones.

There’s a lot of tension, crying, suspense, and flashback reveals that are surprising. So, far Dead to Me Season 2 lacks the fun of the first season, but it is engaging, especially if you can’t look away from train wrecks. Jen and Judy seem to be having a competition: For every time Jen swears, Judy apologizes. It’s an interesting dynamic, especially given Applegate’s adeptness at using the F-word. With only 10 episodes, each in about the 30 minute range, you’ll find yourself pressing the “next episode” button with glee and abandon.


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