Disney Paper Parks Online Magic for You to Color

The Disney Parks Blog has been releasing Paper Parks during the quarantine. These templates are drawn by Disney artists. You can download them, print them, color them and then assemble them into your very own Disneyland. (Part 3 is Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.) For Disney fans, this is an amazing opportunity to build their own parks in real life. (Disney Magic Kingdoms allows them to build one in virtual life.)

The Disney Paper Parks Sets

Part 1 of the Paper Parks includes Main Street, U.S.A. and floats from the “Magic Happens parade, including Moana, Coco and Sorcerer Mickey. Part 2 continues down Main Street, U.S.A. and adds more floats; of specific interest might be the inclusion of the “Frozen 2” float, thought Sleeping Beauty, the Princess and the Frog, and Cinderella are also included. Part 3 ends at Sleeping Beauty Castle complete with fireworks. Part 4 takes you into Fantasyland to the Carrousel; it also has a horse drawn carriage, guests and landscaping. There’s even a Main Street, U.S.A. trash can. The trees are labeled with their names, so you might even learn something in the process!

Project Dimensions and Licensing

Each of the Disney Paper Parks pdfs in the set run about 30 pages, depending on the set you download. That’s a lot of printing. Some require additional materials, but the Disney team gives you several choices about what will work. Print them out to size, rather than scaling them to fit. Of course, there’s some legalese that comes with downloading these projects. They are for personal and non-commercial use. I haven’t downloaded them, yet, but I’m hoping to as soon as we find a place to live.

Our Paper Products

Our penguins also have some paper products for downloading. You can pay $1 for five activity sheets. Three of them are related to penguin paper dolls, one’s a crossword, and the other is a maze for young children. Members of our Patreon get them for free, so join our Patreon and get even more than just the paper activity downloads. Thanks for supporting our blog and other creative activities.