Russell Nohelty Kickstarts the Summer with Four Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books

USA Today Best-selling Author Russell Nohelty is in the midst of his latest Kickstarter: the “Wannabe Press Summer Fantasy/Science Fiction Novel Slate.” He took some time out of his schedule to answer some of our questions about reading, creativity and how he kickstarts the summer successfully with his latest Kickstarter campaign.

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Stories from an Alaskan Cabin: Chapter Three

Read the introduction, prologue, chapter one, and chapter two.

Lee took a second to gather his thoughts. He looked into the cabin and noticed the unlit lantern. Moonlight flowed through the small window and onto the table where the lantern was. The stove was glowing orange but with much less intensity than before. Then he began:

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Stories from an Alaskan Cabin: Chapter One

You can read the preface here and the prologue here if you would like a better orientation to what this is about. Be sure to subscribe to our Patreon to continue the story beyond the first chapter.

Day One

Chapter One: The First Story

When they arrived at the cabin, they set their bags on the porch and opened the door. Inside, the last people who were there had left some firewood. Otherwise, everything was clean. The men claimed their bunks, lit a fire in the stove, and started preparing dinner. After dinner, there was card game, jokes, and beverages. It had been a long day for everyone, and the short trip to the cabin was enough to tire them out. They decided to call it a night.

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‘Stories from an Alaskan Cabin’ Prologue

If you haven’t read the introduction yet, you can do so here. The first chapter to the story will be posted on Friday Sep. 6, 2019. I’ll add a link when it comes on line. The series will then become a Patreon exclusive weekly story until it becomes a book. Join our Patreon, and don’t miss a story, get access to other great content, and find your favorite penguins.

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Introduction to ‘Stories from an Alaskan Cabin’


As Boccaccio’s “Decameron,” Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur,” and Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” can attest, our forebears were, much as they were in everything, better at telling stories. For what else was there to do in times before the Internet, television, movies, and radio? While modern man finds the need and the capacity to tell stories, the ability and opportunity is much diminished.

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Fairy Tales Take a Turn for the Supporting Cast

Jenniffer Wardell published Fairy Godmothers, Inc. in April of 2013. Her take on the world of fairy tales revolves around characters who are normally given the bit parts that help the main characters move forward.

“There’s not really fairy tales for people who don’t fit in,” says Wardell. “I wanted to write something that gave the world’s supporting cast a chance at the spotlight.”

Even though there are many fairy tale adaptations out there, Wardell says that her stories stand out.

“You have never experienced one like mine before,” says Wardell. “It is funny. It is sweet. It’s definitely a new twist.”

Wardell wrote her first book at the age of six about a peacock that goes on an adventure during Halloween.

“When you love stories, there’s never quite enough in the world,” says Wardell. It is important to add your own.

Fairy Godmothers, Inc. can be found at as can Wardell’s story based on the Three Little Pigs called Huff and Puff.

Wardell’s next book Beast Charming is scheduled to be released in February of 2015. In the meantime, fans can find her movie reviews and other articles in the Davis County Clipper and follow her on Blogspot.

This article was originally published at in 2013. Links have been updated.